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Hello, Are you There?

John 16:12 There is so much more I want to tell you but you can’t bear it right now.

I am a person that likes to be in the know. In truth I hate surprises very much unless you are giving me a gift.  As I don’t like surprises and love to be in the know that is why I often ask God what is my next move, when are you going to move, why are you moving in such a slow pace. I usually may get an answer I don’t want to hear, or I may hear wait, no, not right now. What usually drives me crazy is when I get complete silence. I often say to God but aren’t you my guide, aren’t you suppose to tell me what is ahead so I don’t fall completely. Often God will reply yes I am but are you really ready for the next step? God knows the plans for our life and what the next step should be when we are ready.

Jesus was with his disciples before he was to be taken to be killed. He had been speaking in parable speech for three years when he referred to his death. Now he was speaking very plainly telling them what’s about to happen after he is gone.  In John 16:12 Jesus says; There is much more I want to tell you but you can’t bear it now. Meaning I wish I could tell you everything but you cannot handle it at this moment, but when you are ready the Spirit of Truth will reveal to you the next step. That is exactly what God is doing when you think he is not speaking or moving. He knows how much you can handle and what you cannot handle in a specific moment. He desires for you to be ready in a timing that he knows.

Often I get frustrated when I do not know what is about to happen, or which direction I need to go. I even get frustrated or down hearted when all I get is either just receive encouragement or no answer. Yes I throw a temper tantrum at God. Just like Job did. After God questioned Job. Job finally realize what God was doing when he says I know that you can do all things that no plan of yours can be thwarted (Job 42:1). This came after everything was taken from him, when his friends try to explain it was Job own sin. When God questioned him like that he finally understood God plan. It was at that point Job was ready.  When Jesus revealed the plan to the disciples they were in a state of readiness. When God revealed to Abraham Sarah about the child she would bear they were in a state of readiness in God’s opinion. God knew that the next generation of Israelites would trust him and when Moses died the Israelites were in a state of readiness.

When you do get a silent answer or no answer from God, it is not because he does not hear you it’s just not the time yet.  Instead of giving up tune in what God is doing. Maybe you are seeking the Lord in what you should be doing for the rest of your life. God is being quiet but not really maybe he is opening job doors for you (not the lifetime of a job) but something to do in the meantime, or even you start to notice because of your free time you are able to help others or even just resting. Maybe you are seeking the Lord on the desire to be married. God is being quiet but not really, maybe he is showing you that you need to work on some issues, maybe he is just encouraging you in this moment right now that being single is okay. Maybe you are seeking God on saving your marriage or child. God is being quiet but not really. Maybe he is saying that he is working on the other person heart just wait, at the same time working on your heart, as for your child maybe he is saying not now I need to a work in your child’s life, so he is just encouraging you to pray for your child. Here is the point God is never quiet, he is working in ways we can’t see or fathom. He wants your trust.

Can you trust that in the right time he will reveal the next step? Can you trust that you can take a step of faith/trust? Can you wait for the answer instead of trying to move ahead of what his plans are for you?


Disappointment to Hope

I had so much hope that this relationship was going to lead into marriage but in an instant it was gone. I had so much hope that this interview was going to finally lead me out of unemployment but only to find out that I didn’t get the job. I had so much hope that my tuition was about to be paid off and no more struggling but yet it didn’t happened. Has any of this stuff ever happened to you? That hope just rises in you but only to be let down like salt poured onto a wound. Then you find yourself asking God why? Yet I find that disappointment or disillusionment is where God can do his best work!

I don’t know about you but I think about the disciples often especially during the Lenten season. I think about their 3 year journey with Jesus. Then I think about how they felt let down when Jesus was at the cross dying. They saw Jesus do nothing after all they saw many wonderful things from Jesus. Yet Jesus didn’t save himself. They were disappointed, they were disillusioned. They asked themselves from Friday-Saturday were they duped all along. They asked themselves what were going to be their next steps. They asked themselves what people were going to think. They asked themselves what the Jewish leaders were going to do to them. Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions or similar questions when going through a disappointing time? Have you ever asked God where is He in the midst of your situation?

Then Sunday came and hope came alive again for most of the disciples. They learned through this disappointment to lean into Jesus and teach others that when you are going through hard times, anxious times, hurtful times, to lean into Jesus because they knew what it was like not to lean into Jesus during that awful time. See, I wonder if they had taken Jesus at his word would they have waited at his tomb for him to arise and lean in believing that he would rise from the dead and not be sad, if one would just believe would we have had different lessons instead of those wonderful lessons on anxiousness, disappointments, heartbreak, and even courage through trials. At times it is easy to take a different road.

It is so easy to stay in a funk. It is so easy to stay in fear. It is so easy to stay in the wondering. It is so easy to stay in the unbelieving. However God is not in the business of easiness. He is in the business of the impossible to possible. He is in the business of turning disappointments into hope but maybe not in the way we really want to see it. Yet he does do his best work during these times.

I say that God does his best work during disappointments or disillusionment because it’s during these times that you can fully see His full power, His full strength, and His full word in action. It’s a time where you can choose to lean into God and place your hope into Him and not into yourself or other people. You can choose to abide in Him or even learn to abide in him. This is a time where you can place your hope in him. In I Peter 5:7 Cast (Give) all your anxiety (fears, doubts, disappointments, disillusionment) on him because he cares for you. God cares for you too much for you to walk alone for too long, just like with the disciples, or with the children of Israel he never let them walk alone for too long. He is standing in front of you.

He is standing right in front of you today saying that He is here, He is risen, He is living, He is in the midst of the disappointment and disillusionment. He has come to give you life and give it to you more abundantly. Whatever the situation that you are in, he is giving you hope today. Just like with the disciples on that Sunday when he rose up he brought them hope to each one individually. What joy that day was for them. What joy that day will be for you when you believe and see when your disappointment/disillusionment turns into a beautiful hope!  Why does he want this for you because He loves you.