There is Hope

Can I say it? I kept getting the dreaded question that seems that everyone just kept asking. What do you hope for 2015 or How was 2014 for you? Well if I said I hope 2015 won’t be like 2014 then people who didn’t know how 2014 was  for me wanted more information and I wasn’t about to give it to them. If I said it was a hard year and I’m just glad that it’s over again more curiosity just made me want to cringe actually just made me want to cry. I felt like instead of it being a year of promise it was a year of disappointments, pruning, heartbreak, heart ache, discouragement, just a year of suffering. I often shouted to the Lord where is the promise you promise Lord because I don’t see it.  I had pockets of promises shining like a rainbow on a cloudy day. I had a hard time seeing what God’s plan was for me. Truth is I still want to know what the next steps are. I feel like the disciples after Christ’s death.

After Christ’s death the disciples were discouraged and disappointed. I bet they were trying to figure out where they got it wrong. How were they so blinded by a false Messiah? They were just heartbroken. They knew that sooner or later they may have to face the Jewish council and their families but wasn’t ready to deal with that yet. They had no hope.

In Matthew 28 :5-7 When Mary Magdalene and the other Mary go and visit the tomb and the angel of the Lord appears to them telling them that Jesus is risen that his body is not there. Well they run to go tell the disciples, even more in verse 9 Jesus met them and said hello! Then we know what happens from there the disciples saw him, there was some doubt but joy came and hope was restored.

Have you ever been there? You were in a promising situation only to have it vanish from right underneath you? I bet you felt like the disciples disappointed and discouraged, maybe even hurt, felt like you had no hope anymore. Maybe it’s not a promising situation maybe it just something that you didn’t see coming (losing a job, a cheating spouse, a pregnant child) and you feel alone.  Then hope arrives.

When things look bleak and the situation looks impossible. Hope arrives like a bird swooping down. It may come down unexpectedly but it comes just at the right time. There will be hope for you in the situation that you are facing. God maybe quiet right now but He doesn’t stay that way for long. He will reach out to you. Don’t lose hope. Things may look bleak right now. Things definitely looked bleak for the disciples and the other followers of Christ but He came through with his promise of rising again and with it brought hope. If He came through for them, He will come through for you.

I pray that 2015 will be a year of hope and that you see Christ in a way that you never seen Him before. Stand on His word where Hope is found.


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