Rejoice In The Midst of Your Trial

One day as I was on a walk, I was talking with the Lord thinking about the heartbreak that I was going through and asking him why I was going through so much. This picture came to me of releasing a dove but it came back to me and I held it close to my heart. God said to me when I was ready that it is okay for me to release the dove. Why am I sharing this with you, well the dove represent me holding onto the hurt and pain of heartbreak not yet ready to release it to him and yet I was still walking with the Lord even though I was not yet ready to release the dove back in the sky. Recently I’ve been seeing myself releasing the dove smiling, rejoicing, and continuing to walk with the Lord but this time more joy. I finally realized that I was rejoicing in my suffering, and not because it was the end of it, but because I became closer to God and I got to a point where I was able to say thank you Lord for allowing me to go through this not because you saved me from the “wrong” guy but because I grew closer to you and you helped me through this, grown, and was healed of all my past hurts.

Have you heard these phrases?  Rejoice in the Lord through your suffering for it produces endurance, character, perseverance, and hope or count it all joy when you go through many trials. Both are found in the bible Romans 5:3-5 and James 1:2. But you may have read it and went that doesn’t sound like you want to rejoice when you are in pain or suffering or may have said that applies to Christians who are going through percussion.

How can we mature without going through a trial or many trials of suffering? The truth is that we cannot. Our suffering increases our faith in God. Our suffering increases our hope in God. Our suffering increases our dependence on God. Our suffering makes us take up the cross and carry it. Personally I think if we never went through suffering/hurt/pain our faith would remain very babyish and never fully develop. As you are in the process you are being purified and made stronger!

Suffering at the time does not feel good at all. Going through a heartbreaking situation does not feel good at all. Being in pain does not feel good at all but it is for our own good! Think about David, look at how he suffered before becoming king. Look at Sarah suffering without a child until God fulfilled the promise. Look at Jesus whose friends abandoned him, being beaten, whipped, and crucified suffering for us!

The truth is when you are going through a hurt, a pain or a trial you will either run to Jesus or away from Jesus. Some blame God for what they are going through and say how can you love me? Others  will open up their hearts to the Lord so much that they can endure the trial even when they cannot understand it, and it is at that point that they are able to rejoice and count it all joy! Not be like Job’s wife “curse God and die.” No that is not the response we should go for instead we are able to praise him in the midst of the trial, able to go to him and ask why, and allow him to answer.

Rejoice and know that he is walking with you in this trial. That he is not going to leave you nor forsake you. He will stand by you through it all. I found this to be true of God of every trial I have gone through (financial, work, personal, and even ministry life). He will not forsake you not for a moment!

Here is the real question will you run to God or will you run away from God in your suffering trial?


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