Faithfulness of God-

As I’m going deeper in my 30’s I usually take the time out to reflect on what God has done. This year the faithfulness of God.

I didn’t have friends when I was a kid, I didn’t play with any kids all I had were my cousins until they moved away. For example on my 10th birthday party after my brother was arrested for bank robbery. I had invited my entire 4th grade class but what did they do, they threw the invites right in the trash. The teacher made them take them out and give to their parents. Only two people showed up. My cousins were there of course and my mom who got a clown and balloons got kids from the neighborhood to come. One of the gifts I got was from the clown who forgot to bring my gift from the place, went and bought me a bear that said I love you this much with a big heart.

My mom always made my birthday special to make up for the lack of friends.

When I hit college I didn’t know who to trust. I wanted friends who I can trust who I could share my life with. That year 2002, I asked God that any person(s) who I hung around with if they were true would celebrate my birthday, and two people did (Michelle and Hannah). Every year since 2002 I make it an aim to celebrate my birthday with friends whom I may see all the time and those who I don’t get to see all the time. The ones who help me celebrate I tend to see them more as a true friend, even though I may not see a friend in long time. I especially count the ones who make me celebrate when I don’t even want too.

Therefore each time I get to celebrate with friend or friends I am reminded of the faithfulness of God, how he answered my prayers for friends, how he protected me and kept me alive.

What are you asking God for?

Are you asking for a husband/wife? Are you asking for salvation for a family member? Are you asking for a healing in your body? Are you asking for a child?

Whatever you are asking for, believe that you have received it, because God will do it.



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