Love is….

Love is a journey full of twists and turns.

At times it is easy and sometimes hard.

It can be full of laughter, It can be full of tears.

It can be times of heartache

It can be times of joyous hearts

Sometimes it will seem perfect

Sometimes it will seem imperfect.

Love is both emotion and action.

Sometimes we feel it, and sometimes we have to force ourselves to show it.

Love is unique to a person.

When you say I love you, you make a commitment a vow to endure.

Sometimes it is easy, but times it is hard.

Love can be described as this:

Is patient (times we don’t feel it, but we have to show it)

Is kind (hard to feel kindness when you are angry at the person, you show it)

Love is not:

Envious or boastful (seeing what other couples have and you want it too, or being purposefully showing, excessive pride or think the person will always be there)

Not making demands or it’s your own way (by making a person fit your own standards, changing, or say this is how you will love me.)

Does not rejoice at wrong doings (celebrating when a person does wrong.)

Rejoices with trust (praise when a person is right)

Love bears all things (expect for abut, but support the person even in wrong doings, endure)


Believes in all things (seeing the person in the best light)

Hopes all things (even when it doesn’t look good)

Endures all things (working things out, especially hardships and heartache)

Love never ends (just because you are not with the person doesn’t mean you just stop love them, but you may love from a distance).

Love is a beautiful thing/gift that has come from God.

We are not perfect and will fail at love at times, but when you do fall, stop, think, say sorry and show in action that you love the person.

Pursue love, it is hard but is worth it!

Heart Cloud


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