Damaged & Redeem

A hurtful word-FAT

No one to play with-GO AWAY

A punch in the guy-PRETTY BUT FAT (AKA UGLY)

A call to spend time-YES, BUT YOU NEVER INIATE

A broken time together-s

Tears on the inside a smile on the outside

Burnt dirt so nothing can grow

A hope a small seed, crushed as four crushes passes me by

Nothing to grow by black disappointment

A small glimmer of hope to run with

Inside full of doubt, fear, unworthiness

A small dark tree am I surrounded by darkness

Gloomy is my outlook

Not significant is my fertilizer

Performance my water

His hands reached down to my dirt

Cultivating the land, taking His time to get the dirt healthy once more

Plucking the tree up, making sure to get all the bad roots.

You turn the dirt over and over until ready

A new tree He planted-BEAUTIFUL


He calls the darkness away He bring in the Light


Words of LOVE


He speaks into me, I grow stronger under His tender care

Another tree He plants besides me, with roots connecting




We start merging as one

Meanwhile the Hands clips my branches (ouch!) Takes some leaves off (ouch~~)

I grow strong and beautiful under His care

He beams with pure delight said It’s time

He begins again to merged us together

He said I’m a good Gardner, and watched over us!



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