Joy of Silence (BRING)

I can’t speak. I mean it literally I cannot speak right now because I lost my voice because of a cold. To me it is a shame because I still want to lament to my mom and cousin about the break up with me and my boyfriend. In this time over this break up has caused me to seek God more and more.

Yet I still wanted the raw and fleshy answers I want to go against God and do my thing of dropping everything about him being Facebook friends, and some mementos. The more I talked about what happened and how mad/hurt I was, it was probably angering God.  So God sent me a gift one that silent my voice and open my ears and heart.

We go around all day talking and pretending to listen. We take time out and talk to God but not to listen to Him. We don’t allow Him the chance to speak we keep moving. God is not silent He wants to talk to us about things in our lives, work, ministry, children, relationships etc…  But in order to hear from Him we must be silent.

When you allow yourself to become silent to God you BRING yourself to him. Bowing before God in essence saying I’m ready to hear from you.  There is joy in being silent before God.

I created the acronym BRING to help you to see the joy of being silent is about:

                                                          Bowing yourself to God

                                                          Really hearing what God wants not what you want

No longer are you being               Insensitive to how God is moving

                                                          Now you are ready to obey His instructions

You are ready to accept His         Guidance

I found that when I BRING myself to God there is more joy and encouragement from Him than with people. As I BRING myself to Him I am saying I am ready to hear from you. As I BRING myself to Him I’m letting go of my plans. As I BRING myself to Him I am saying your will be done not mine. As I BRING myself to Him I am bringing everything to Him.

Therefore joy comes because I listened to the Father who cares for every aspect of my life.


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