God Still Speaks

2 Chronicles 35:21 But Neco sent messengers to him (King Josiah) saying What quarrel is there between you and me O King of Judah? It is not you I am attacking at this time but the house with which I am at war. God has told me to hurry so stop opposing God, who is with me, or He will destroy you.

Gen 12:1 Go to the land I (God) will show you.


I have a question that has been on my heart for a while. It comes with watching those who follow God. Here is my question. Why have the followers of Jesus Christ stop believing that God can give you directions in your life? I have heard it said that most teachings in the church today say that God does not give you clear instructions and you have to figure the rest out. I’m very perplexed that God would do that. I have seen time and time again in His word the bible that he always gives clear directions to his people. Look at Abraham God told him Genesis 12:1 Go to the land I will show you. Yes I have to admit a bit vague because God required faith from Abraham but he did follow up and say I will show you. Henry Blackaby said this in Experiencing God “God always gives you enough specific directions to do what he wants you to do now”. That is the truth. Jesus said to his disciples that he was not leaving them alone that He would send the Counselor the spirit of truth who will guide you into all truth (John 16:12). What is the purpose of a guide to show and instruct you how to get to a certain point! Bottom line is that God is still speaking and He wants to be personal with you, but do you seek and speak with God?

This past week I have been studying 3 kings of Judah; Asa, Jehoshaphat, and Josiah. Each was called good kings and followed the Lord, but each had a major weakness they always didn’t follow the Lord advice. Even more surprising is when Asa and Jehoshaphat sought the prophet of the LORD (how God spoke before the Holy Spirit) they ignored what he said to do on at least one occasion! Josiah who had peace during his reign totally ignored the instructions of the LORD because it came from a heathen and a rival king but it was still the LORD giving him instructions. How often do we do that? How often do we seek answers and have to wait for it or say God you are too slow, or get angry and ignore the instructions?

We are living in a culture that is always in a hurry and one full of unbelief. I do believe there is a part of churches that does not believe in the work of the Holy Spirit and why there are discontent followers of Christ. I do believe why most followers of Christ lives in a state of confusion because they don’t want to wait for the instructions or want to be in a hurry before the timing is right. It’s like dating your future husband or wife too soon but both was bugging God on where is my mate so God said go but wait but still went ahead and pushed before the time so the marriage is harder or the relationship is harder. It’s like running in a marathon but you didn’t set time out to train for it and you crash. It’s like learning how to drive but you get a bad instructor so you are either nervous or ill prepared to drive on your own. Do you get the point?

The point is that God is still in the business of guiding his children. But we as his children need to wait on him. We as his children need to seek him in all things! In all things, relationships, career, family, church, ministry etc. When you do not seek the Lord things will be off balance. If you ever wondered why some things in your life is not balance seek the Lord because it could be he wants to lead you in a different direction or to wait on him to move before you.  As well we can’t skip over the fact that we have a God who wants a relationship with you, who wants to help you navigate things in this world. He is not a tyrant that will always say no, he might say not now but not always a no. He is not going to go against your will. He will not lead you in a state of confusion; if you are confused about something seek him until he brings clarity. Often most when you are in a state of confusion is because God is telling you one thing and you want to do or want something different. Another thing God is clear he is not vague, if there is some vagueness seek the Lord first for the clarity in his time he will bring it. Like with Abraham he said Go (clear direction) to the land that I will show you (I will show you in my time) and he did!

How do you know if God is speaking to you?  God speaks in his word, people, and circumstances. He will lead you back to his word, when someone comes and speaks you will know because it will line up in his word, and circumstances will also line up.  But first before you can hear you must have a relationship, reading his word, spending time with God, being with God. He never leaves you nor forsakes you. He is there with his hands open saying “Come to me, I will show you the next steps.” He will speak and you will listen. Finally humble yourself before God when you do everything else will flow.


God is not silent. God still speaks today and He leads you in all things!



God I thank you that you never leave me nor forsake me. I thank you for the Holy Spirit who is my counselor, guide, and friend. Forgive me for not seeking you and trying to figure out things on my own. I ask now Lord that you speak to me for my ears and heart is open to your guidance. In Jesus Name Amen


Waiting to hear from God

My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways declares the LORD Isaiah 55:8


Hearing God speak can often feel overwhelming, and or stressful because you may have never heard God speak before, or you had a situation that you believed God was speaking but turned out not so right. Maybe you are just unsure if you have ever heard God speak. I have included two resources that I often go back to just to be encouraged that God is still speaking. You can buy both on Amazon.


Experiencing God Henry Blackaby

Discerning the Voice of God Priscilla Shirer


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