A Callout

I Timothy 2:1-3: I urge, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone-for kings, and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior.


This morning and for the last couple of weeks God truly has pressed this issue in my spirit, politics and our reaction to it. I normally keep things I see about politics to myself, why, because it is a dividing issue. Yet God is calling on His bride (the church) to come back together in unity. He is tired of seeing the division of those who truly acknowledge Him. He has had enough.

This morning God asked me these four questions:

1. Why are my children bolder in sharing their political beliefs than sharing me to someone who does not know me?

2. Why are my children attacking leaders in the nation more instead of praying for them?

3. Why are my children rejoicing more over missteps of a leader instead of rejoicing and worshiping me?

4. Why are my children more interested in serving a political party instead of serving me through the church and serving the poor in a true loving manner instead of a judging manner?


Can you tell how much God is frustrated with his children over this matter? Why is he? Doesn’t He have the right to be frustrated with us over this?

Yes he does because we have gotten away from his instructions regarding leaders. Throughout the bible we see how God deals with leaders. He holds leaders more accountable, He allows good leaders and bad leaders, He allow leaders to have flaws. Wait there is no perfect leader, no perfect human leaders. God knows because of sin the leaders won’t be perfect even those who worships Him (David, Hezekiah just to mentioned a few). Yet we children of God are demanding that our leaders bow down to our will and to the “vision” of God has for this nation.


Vision for the nation:

I have heard it said that God’s vision for this nation is to be a true Christian nation where everyone is worshiping God and there is no ungodliness. Can someone please show me in the bible where this is said? God vision is not for a “Christian” nation, God vision is that everyone will hear the true gospel and worship him. Because of sin there will always be ungodliness. People hearts are stubborn there will be many who will reject the message of Christ and do their own thing. Again we see this attitude throughout the Bible. Not even God’s chosen people the Israelites was immune to this, how many times do we see them punish because of their disbelief and turning to idols, it even gotten to a point where their religious practice became so restricted (I don’t think God liked that one bit).

When Jesus came he didn’t come to overtake the government or lead a rebellion like many hope. No Jesus came to spread the good news, to show people about God. He even told his followers give to Cesar what is Cesar and give to God what is God. Even after Peter told the collectors of the two-drachma tax that yes they will pay the temple tax. Jesus told Peter after asking him questions so that we may not offend them go fish and the fish will have the tax. We see by these two examples even though Jesus the Son of God respected the government the leaders. What Jesus attacked was the religious beliefs not the leaders only what they believe.

This truly shows me that God’s vision is for people to be reached with the gospel not to be reached for a political party.


Godly Leaders:

A woman once told me that God was taking out the ungodly people and putting his children in office. What I have seen those who truly follow God has a harder time in office. Why? They are sometimes stuck with a political party agenda. They get attacked more harshly in the media, fellow colleagues, and believers who say they are not Christian. We have to remember that a person is representing the needs of all and it is a burden. God does not like it when his children attack their brother or sisters in office by saying prove to me that you are a Christian by meeting my beliefs.

Because you know a person who is pro-choice is not a Christian, or a person who wants to help the poor by feeding them is not a Christian, a person who is for the death penalty is not a Christian. None of these beliefs makes a person a Christian. Jesus said that He is the way, truth and the life no one comes to the father but through me. Jesus did not say by believing and living every of those beliefs makes you a follower of Christ. It is believing that Jesus is the Son of God who died and rose again for our sins.

When Samuel went to anoint a son of Jessie, he kept looking at the tall and handsome boys but God said no. God told Samuel that people look on the outside but he sees the heart. We are not God we cannot judge by a person action what they believe. We can only go by what they say they believe. During the 2008 elections Rick Warren held a meeting invited both John McCain and Barack Obama. He asked both of them how do they know that they are saved. John McCain answered I go to church, I help people. Barack Obama said because Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and rose from the grave. Yet even after that answer many are still saying that Barack Obama is not a Christian because his political beliefs do not match their own nor seem “Christian” enough. As well President G.W. Bush gave the same answer and many believed why because his political beliefs matched their own and seem “Christian.”

Does this seem right to you?


Praying for our leaders:

God calls us to pray for our leaders even when we do not like them. The verse in 1 Timothy 2:1-3 clearly says it. It does not say pray for Godly leaders so we can have a Godly nation. It says: first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone-for kings, and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.

It clearly does not say so we may live in a “Christian” nation but no that we may live peaceful and quiet lives. Are our lives right now peaceful and quiet? No it is not. We are fighting to even pray in our schools and work! We want to do it through the power of the politicians and not through the power of God!

We rejoice when a leader we do not like has a misstep. We want to flash, and blast it all over Facebook. I remember how God called me out on this. I was making fun of President G.W. Bush over a comment he made. I was saying how stupid it showed him, God said to me why are you making fun of a leader who I have in office, why don’t you pray for him instead of mocking him.

How many times is God seeing His children mock the leaders of this nation? Rejoicing more over their missteps than praising God not for their missteps, but just praising God for who He is. My mother told me of a conversation she had with a friend, where my mother was saying no matter who is in office she prays for them, and my mother’s friend replied you are much better woman than I am because I can’t.

Yes you can, pray for the leaders you disagree with, pray for their protection, pray that God will speak to them, pray for them to have wise counsel, pray that they have wisdom, pray for the burden that they carry to give it to Jesus, and pray that if they don’t know the Lord that they will hear the message of the true gospel. Do not pray for them to bend to your agenda, pray that they will do what is best for all people in this nation.


Dividing the Church:

We need to stop dividing the church over politics. I am not a big fan of speaking politically from the pulpit because it will divide the church and or turn non-believers away from God. Why do I say turn away non-believers? Who is shouting the loudest on TV? Christians who are set in their own agenda and not for God is shouting. Non-believers who are hearing this walks into a church where the pastor is bashing the leaders of the nations will put two and two together and hearts will harden will walk out before hearing the true gospel. Churches are pitting against one another because of the political stuff.

After Rick Warren prayed over President Obama at his first inauguration other Christian who loved Warren’s book and his ministry started to attack him and say that he is not for Christ etc. Do you see the pattern here? Do you see the division? I was told that a prominent ministry during the last presidential election took off the definition of Mormonism as a cult because of Romany. When they were holding a revival many Christians didn’t want to do it because of what they did. Who knows who did not hear the gospel because they were mad at this ministry!

We are to love our brothers and sisters even when we disagree with them. In 1 John it says that anyone who says I love God but hates his brother he is a liar. If you love God you will love your brother and not attack him, because when you do you are attacking God. When you are attacking a pastor or a ministry that is truly following God you are hating your brother and dividing your family. God does not like this.


Final Thoughts:

The church is not defined by their political beliefs or defined by a political party; the church is defined by Jesus Christ. Not once in the bible do we see the church referred to religious party or a political party. The church is defined by Christ as the Bride of Christ.  We who are the bride need to stop our sinful actions when it comes to how we treat our leaders. God is getting tired of it. He is getting tired of the division. He is getting tired of the attitudes. He getting tired of the lack of empathy among his children. God is calling on His children to serve Him in this area to let go of the anger, maliciousness, hurt, confusion, and the urge to slander. He is calling on His children to pray for their leaders, to share the true gospel and not a political agenda, and stop attacking their brother and sisters in this area who disagrees with them.

Do not believe in the lie that there is power in politics; there is not power in politics only what God allows. The true power lays in prayer through the work of the Holy Spirit.


Action Point: If this has been your attitude to repent and start praying for the leaders in your country today.


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