You did what God!

John 11

John 11: 4, 14, 21-23, 39-40, 44

October 12 is one of the hardest days of the year for me. It’s the day that I got a letter from my father pretty much rejecting me. As I reflected on October  I am rejoicing. Why? God did a miracle in my life; He brought my father back in my life. Yes God did and if you had asked me a year ago on this day if it was possible that my father and I would reconcile I would have said no. Instead God used a process to prepare me and my father to a point of reconciling.

Four years ago I was coordinating a women’s retreat on Freedom. It was there that  God  placed on my heart to forgive and ask my father to forgive me and I did so in a Facebook message (yes I knew that my dad was on Facebook).  Let’s just say it didn’t go well. Then last year I was going on a mission trip to Costa Rica I read a verse in 2 Timothy about gently instructing those in the dark. I started to pray that verse over my dad that someone would gently instruct my dad (side note I was thinking in the way of salvation but God used that to gently instruct my dad to reconcile with me!).

I started to go to counseling so I could grieve my dad because I believed that he wasn’t coming back in my life. I was grieving like Mary when her brother Lazarus died, I wept and screamed at God why did He allow this to happen to me, and why didn’t he stop it. As I looked into John 11 I realized how things that looked dead to us, can be brought back to life according to God’s will and purpose and we can have two different responses a Martha response and a Mary response.

Jesus knew that Lazarus was sick, and had said in John 11:4 that this sickness would not end in death. Jesus made a promise and everyone assumed that Lazarus would be healed and that would be the end of the story. Not quite because Lazarus did die, and then Jesus went to him. I know that his follower’s, especially Martha and Mary said to Jesus or was thinking “You said that this wouldn’t end in death.” In fact both Martha and Mary said to Jesus if he was there then their brother wouldn’t die. Again Martha and Mary they both had different responses.

Martha went out and met Jesus and said to him in verse 20 that if He (Jesus) was there then her brother would have lived, yet I know that if you ask God he would give it to you (meaning bring him back). Right here we see that Martha truly believed in Jesus could do anything even raise the dead. She trusted in him. Currently do you trust in Jesus, that he will do exactly what He has promise? Even though it may look like it’s too late.

God gave me 12 years ago a promise that he would give me a father. I was at a point that I didn’t want a father any more, and then I believed that He would give me a spiritual father (I have a couple who are like that for me, who taught me to forgive).  I was like Mary. Mary came out to meet Jesus and said if you (Jesus) were here then my brother would have lived. Then she cried and Jesus wept.  Mary couldn’t believe that it was possible for Jesus to keep his promise. I was like that I believe that my relationship with my father was dead and couldn’t be restore, come alive again. I wept hard for 11 years. It is funny that I found a journal from 2 years ago asking God for an earthy father and look He gave me my father again!

At times we think that certain things are dead and there is no hope at all. We have a hope in God will restore or comfort or bring in something brand new. The point here is to trust in the promise of God that if he said that He will restore He will do it. He will restore your marriage that you believe is dead, He will restore the relationship with your parents, He will restore your child unto Him. You have a part in this continue to pray (as Martha said to Jesus I know that if you God He will do it, and Jesus said ask for anything in my name I will do it), and trust God no matter what your eyes sees, as it says in 2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith and not by sight, and Romans 10:17 Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Trust God to do something miraculous in that area of deadness or bring in something better. Have hope in His word, in His promise.


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