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He Heals the Broken Hearted

Psalm 147:3: He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds

God for the past 10 months has me on a path to be healed in the area of my self-image and how I relate to men. See I grew up with a lot of hurt and lies about me and men. I was molested at a young age, my father was not in my life at that time, the one area I could control was my weight and I gotten you won’t ever get a man unless you lost weight. Then in high school my first boyfriend thought I would be easy because all he wanted was sex he even kept showing me Victoria Secret magazines, and my second boyfriend had commitment issues and he wanted sex. I met a guy on the internet let just say it didn’t work out, and I had a couple of crushes that really burned me. Nonetheless all this going on around me and I was broken, I was bruised. My first couple of years in college was my man can’t do anything right mantra. Yet God pulled me out that mindset like being pulled out of the mud and you are stuck. When I rededicated my life to the Lord it set a motion of events that has been 7 years in the making. God brought me to a church where I saw a lot more healthy relationships between man and woman. I actually saw healthy marriages (not like in the movies). Then a year ago I was at a retreat, me and my guy friend had did a mini hike, I took a picture of him I was trying to get the side view picture of him, but he turned around and gave me the most wonderful look that I had ever seen a guy look at me it was a look of wow-ness. Thus my journey for healing had hit full speed.
The Psalmist writes He heals the brokenhearted. Jesus does heal because by his wounds we are healed. The question becomes will we let him do a work in us. We can hang onto the bitterness, the hurt, and the anger; we can even hang on to the jealousy. This is really is not healthy but it is a choice. To allow God to heal your broken heart you must first admit that you were hurt, second ask for that healing. Third you must allow God to do the work in you, where ever he leads you to get that healing. It may not be instant, he may have you go and seek help from a friend or a counselor. Would you do that in order for a complete healing? Jesus picked up dirt spit into it and put it on the blind man eyes had him rinse it out and guess what the blind man saw. There was a cripple who friends made a hole in the roof and lowered him down so that Jesus could heal him. Sometimes healing takes a couple of extra steps; are you willing to take them?
After my guy friend gave me that look I got scared, I started to do a lot of self-negative talking. My fears came to the surface it was like God said I pulled you out but now you need to see. I realized that, but he had to have someone call me out on it before I went and sought help. I went to a Christian counselor someone who I knew. I started to gain true confidence again, I opened myself up to allow God heal me. Even just recently as I was reading Psalms 147, verse 3 stood out, that He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. It was there I realized this is the journey of healing my broken heart or my shattered heart. That God was ready to give me a full and complete healing. I had to trust him; I had to trust the promises He has given me. I had to trust that I can make a man go wow (like my guy friend in that moment), I had to realize that he made me as I am that I am beautiful and wonderfully made. Finally that I can trust God for my healing and for him to bind up my wounds, press forward to the wonderful future that he have in store for me and so can you if you allow God into your heart.
Let go of the hurt, release it to God, go however/wherever he leads you, and be prepared to be healed.

You can say a Prayer like this or something similar:
Dear Lord,
I admit I’m angry, angry about the hurt, I don’t like the person who hurt me, nor the situation. Lord help me to give the person, I forgive myself as well. Lord I ask for a healing in my heart, that you heal my broken heart. I am ready to go to move forward in my life I give you this hurt, and I thank you for this healing. In Jesus Name Amen.


Carrying our Burdens

In the movie The Passion of the Christ we see a man being pulled from the crowd, the soldiers force him to help Jesus carry the cross. He turns to the crowd and shouts that he is innocent in this and does not know this man. He looks at Jesus who is bruised, bloody, and worn. The man takes the cross and helps Jesus carry it to Golgotha.

For me this is the most powerful part in the movie and in the account of the crucifixion as I watched/read about Jesus and this man whom the bible identifies as Simon from Cyrene carries the cross. Even though Simon was forced to help (more on that in another post)but this it is a picture of how God helps us carry our burdens.

See Jesus was hurting bad, he was tired, his friends deserted him, people were mocking him, probably spitting on him, and no he was not in high school (but does it seem that way). The Roman soldiers had no sympathy for him they just wanted this to be over. Boy does that not represent real life for most of us.

Life can get us down, family drama is going on, work just sucks; friends are not understanding, and much more. That is why in Matthew 11:28 Jesus says come to me all who are weary and burdened I will give you rest. Meaning whatever life is throwing at you come to me, I will carry it for you just like Simon carried the cross for Jesus.

Admit it we all need help at some point in our lives because our lives are not like movies they are not always happy. Stuff happens that drags you down, and it really at that moment you can call out to Jesus who will come and give you rest maybe not peace but definitely rest.

A few years ago I was unemployed looking for a job, and it was not going well. I started to become depressed and weary. I had people left and right assuming that I wasn’t really looking for a job, or that I was too picky I mean because McDonalds was always hiring (and I am not a girl who likes to be on her feet all day). I was crying the weight of taking care of my mother, trying not to go into debt, and find a really good job.  One day I was carrying out to the Lord about how tired how burdened I felt.  As I prayed I started to feel a bit of rest for a minute. My tears were drying up, and suddenly I hear God saying the Joy of the Lord is your strength. It took me a few minutes to realize what God was saying but as he was saying it I started to feel lighter which lead me to a 30 day journey of finding Joy in the Lord. The point is when I started to release the burden to God, it allowed the Holy Spirit to guide me, and for Jesus to give me rest that I was seeking for that day.

We are not made to keep our burdens to our self, we cannot handle it. We are not made to go into dark corners and just stay there that is unhealthy. What we are made is to go to the One who will carry our burdens for us so we don’t have to carry it alone.

See Jesus was alone, his friends abandoned him, and people were mocking him. Even though Simon was forced to help carry the cross, it was a relief for Jesus to have help. It is a relief for us when we turn to Jesus with our pain, brokenness, loneliness, and the burden of life. When we turn to Jesus there will be rest, and it maybe not be the rest that we want at the time, like me a job the next day (because that would take care of my burden right?). The rest that Jesus will bring will be at that moment that you need to help you go onto the next step. He is there waiting for you to call on him. Will you call on him today?