Rejected, What do you mean?

He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief and as one from whom men hide their faces he was desired and we esteemed him not. Isaiah 53:3

Who has not been rejected before? But what happens when you were rejected? Did you cry; were you passive, did you become bitter? I have been rejected plenty of times in love, work, friends and you know what it sucks! I was rejected by guys that I likes! And you know what it sucks. Here’s a question what should my attitude be?
I have asked these questions lately because I have seen people either handle rejection well other’s not so well. You know what, Jesus was and is still rejected to this day. You may have forgotten that, or may not have known that he was and is rejected by men. The Son of God knew that when he came that men would not listen to him. He knew that they would ridicule him. He knew that men would reject the words he was saying. He knew that he would be betrayed by a close friend. Guess what Jesus deals with rejection on a daily base. Here is the good news He is strong to handle it. He is gracious, when he is hurt by it but he doesn’t come down and destroy us because he can do that. No Jesus remains faithful and just. He doesn’t curse when someone rejects him. He doesn’t ignore the person because he is hurt. He doesn’t go and complain to others what a jerk the person is. He just doesn’t do it. He handles rejection sadly well, and full of grace. Can we do that?
When Jesus was here on earth he prepared his disciples for rejection. He knew that because of what they would do in his name, that people would reject them. When He sent them out two by two he told him if the person doesn’t want you there just leave that place shake the dust off your feet as a testimony (Mark 6:11). Wow he didn’t say curse them out, he didn’t say gossip about them, he didn’t say bemoan the issue to death, no he said turn and keep going.
This needs to be our attitude when it comes to rejections. It is hard to overcome rejection, and it hurts so much. If you learn to develop a good reaction when it comes to rejection then you can be in a better spot handle rejection.
Instead of having a negative attitude: We can and need to turn the other cheek or as Jesus said shake the dust off your feet as a testimony and keep moving. We should not be held down by the weight of the rejection. We can and should not curse the person out. We really should not ignore the person; in fact if the situation allows maybe talk with the person. It is hard to resist the negative reaction that comes with dealing with rejection but should we cave in?
How does a person handle rejection well? The hardest thing that we can do is to get on our knees to pray for the person or situation that rejected you. We need to forgive. We need to stop complaining to everyone who listens, just complain to a wise counsel in your life who can then pray for you. We need to stop becoming bitter and delight in the Lord God instead because remember he never rejects you, he delights in you and rejoices over you (Zeph 3:17). Look to Jesus who handles rejection every day take in his joy. Finally remember who you are. You are a child of the beloved King who loves you, who died for you. Who will never leave you nor forsake you aka would never reject you. Definitely do not let the rejection hold you down for too long.


One thought on “Rejected, What do you mean?

  1. Rejection hurts! It’s a part of life but darn it all it hurts. But when you look at it the way you presented it Jesus was and is rejected. He died on the cross for us. He took the pain so that we could have life and even still He experiences the hurt of rejection when we choose our own ways or people do not choose to follow Christ. Great post Crys. 🙂 Hey! just a thought the next time I am witnessing to someone and I ask them if they want to accept Christ and they say No maybe I should slap them…Oh! I can say, “Did you like getting slapped in the face? No? Well, neither does Jesus and that’s what your rejection of Him is!” j/k but picturing it made me smile LOL

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