Do you See Me-A Poem

Do you see me?

Do you really see me?

I mean I know you see me, but do you really see?

What do you see?

A girl who is ashamed-

A girl who really wants and tries to stay hidden-

A girl who is shy-

What do you see?

A girl who‘s father rejected her-

A girl who loves her family, but hates the family drama-

A girl who tries to be perfect but fails-

What do you see?

A girl with color on her skin-

A girl who’s hair is kinky but straight sometimes-

A girl who may need to lose a few pounds-

What do you see? I mean what do you really see?

Are you just seeing the outside without knowing the whole picture?

Are you just hearing the way I talk but not seeing me?

Are you just making judgments without knowing the full picture?

Can I share with you who I am?

I am the Daughter of the most high King-

I am a Friend of the man who gave His life for me-

I am a funny and friendly

I am beautiful despite of what some people may think

I am a Sister with many siblings of Brothers and Sisters to count

I may stand out because I am afraid that you might forget me

I love to laugh, so I may tell loud jokes and you know what I laugh loud not so you can notice me, but that’s who I am, and my giggle is cute by the way

I am not a girl that takes crap from guys (been there down that) so don’t think when you see me I am desperate woman, for I am not, again do I need to remind you that I am a princess, my Heavenly Father is God and I am His Daughter

Which brings me to another big point– How does God see me?

He sees me radiant and beautiful to the point I am glowing

He sees me sensitive so he speaks to me in a gentle way

He sees my smile and it makes His day

He sees my body shape and thinks it’s good

He sees my color and marvels at the beauty of it

He sees my shame and removes it from me

He sees my hurt, and stitches me up

He sees my pain in my heart, and heals the pain

He sees my doubts and fears, and replaces with peace and hope

He sees my insecurities and replaces it with confidence

He sees my true heart, and grows my heart

He sees my talents and helps me develop them more.

He sees everything of me and more, He knows me intimately

See, you-see-what-you-want-to-see and you may not know everything,

Take the time and see me.

If you want to know me more then ask me—How do you see yourself?

If you really want to see me; then ask my Heavenly Father He will show you, and then come back to me

If you want to know the person who really sees me and sees you– then come and talk to me and I will introduce you to Him.


Crystal Nicole Livingston


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