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Recently I was talking to a guy friend about a guy that I like, and have liked for months. My guy friend said to me stop waiting on that guy to get interested in you. I kind of agree with my guy friends because I have gone back and forth with should I wait or not. As I was thinking about it and about to agree, the Lord spoke to me and this is what He said.

As singles we wait for that special person to come to into our life, but did you know like our wait is just like how the Israelites waited for the Messiah. See God had been making promises that He is sending someone to deliver them, to be their King on earth. God was so clear to who the promised one was going to be, said what one of His names will be, where He would be born, which family He would be born into. However God did not say when it would happen, who the girl would be to deliver the Messiah, and how the Messiah would work on earth. Then God was quiet for about 500 years.

Suddenly God spoke to Mary through the Archangel Gabriel and said you will bear the Messiah. A homely girl with a poor family, who was engaged to be married! But do you know everyone believed that the Messiah would be born to a rich family where he would train, learn about the people more, and deliver them from the Romans and set up the Kingdom for all to see. (Personally I think they got the Messiah and Moses mixed up). Jesus came in the most unexpected place, grew up, and when it was time He went and started to call forth the people who would follow Him. The person who we are waiting on comes in the most unexpected time and place.

How is the Israelites waiting is like being single? One God promised that he was sending someone to them, maybe God has promised you that you would be married because you know that as of today you are not called to be celibate.  Just like the Israelites God had to condition them to be ready one to accept and reject His Son. In our time of wait God is preparing your heart, and life for the person He has for you. Just like the Israelites we get fooled by false people claiming you are the one for me. You know that something is wrong (not a Christian, drinks, smokes, or  something), you know that this relationship is not it. God speaks so loud that others can tell you this is not it (and when it is not the right person it will not be just one person speaking it would be in witnesses of 3 or more).  It just like it says in Songs of Solomon 5:7 (NIV) The watchmen found me as they made their rounds in the city, they beat me, they bruised me, they took away my cloak, those watchman of the walls. We have an enemy who is always trying to throw off God’s plan so He sends out false people into our life who will hurt you on purpose so that when that person comes you will not believe that it is the right person.  I am not saying not to date we should date but you will know after a couple of dates or even a month if this is the right person to be with to continue to marriage. Sometimes it maybe that is the right person for you but you, the person, or both of you are not ready for each other yet, so you just become friends.  (I’m getting sidetrack this is a topic for another time.)

Here is the main point; sometime God calls us to wait for a time before marriage happens. He only knows when it will happen, where you will meet this person etc. In our obedience to God we must follow His direction; we must be watchful and prepared, like in Matthew 25:10 (NIV) While they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived. The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut. Yes one of the main interpretations is for when Christ returns but another interpretation is being ready for when your earthy bridegroom or bride comes because that person will come in a flash. When Jesus finally made His appearance here on earth those who were ready to follow Him; followed him, and those who were ready to betray; was ready to betray.

If God calls you to wait on a person, wait, if He says to move on, then move on don’t stay in a relationship that He did not call you too. Even if you are in a relationship and you know this is the person but God is saying to you, take a break right now it is because He knows that the time is not yet because there is more conditioning that need to take place.  How will you know what He is say? He will speak first in His word, through people (have friends, family, mentor who can one keep you accountable and two give Godly advice when He ordains) and circumstances. Note there will always be more than just one witness, look to Mary and Joseph they had a multitude of witness including two in the temple.

I know the question for me is after all this revelation from the Lord, should I wait, or should I start looking somewhere else. I know the answer but do you?


Do you See Me-A Poem

Do you see me?

Do you really see me?

I mean I know you see me, but do you really see?

What do you see?

A girl who is ashamed-

A girl who really wants and tries to stay hidden-

A girl who is shy-

What do you see?

A girl who‘s father rejected her-

A girl who loves her family, but hates the family drama-

A girl who tries to be perfect but fails-

What do you see?

A girl with color on her skin-

A girl who’s hair is kinky but straight sometimes-

A girl who may need to lose a few pounds-

What do you see? I mean what do you really see?

Are you just seeing the outside without knowing the whole picture?

Are you just hearing the way I talk but not seeing me?

Are you just making judgments without knowing the full picture?

Can I share with you who I am?

I am the Daughter of the most high King-

I am a Friend of the man who gave His life for me-

I am a funny and friendly

I am beautiful despite of what some people may think

I am a Sister with many siblings of Brothers and Sisters to count

I may stand out because I am afraid that you might forget me

I love to laugh, so I may tell loud jokes and you know what I laugh loud not so you can notice me, but that’s who I am, and my giggle is cute by the way

I am not a girl that takes crap from guys (been there down that) so don’t think when you see me I am desperate woman, for I am not, again do I need to remind you that I am a princess, my Heavenly Father is God and I am His Daughter

Which brings me to another big point– How does God see me?

He sees me radiant and beautiful to the point I am glowing

He sees me sensitive so he speaks to me in a gentle way

He sees my smile and it makes His day

He sees my body shape and thinks it’s good

He sees my color and marvels at the beauty of it

He sees my shame and removes it from me

He sees my hurt, and stitches me up

He sees my pain in my heart, and heals the pain

He sees my doubts and fears, and replaces with peace and hope

He sees my insecurities and replaces it with confidence

He sees my true heart, and grows my heart

He sees my talents and helps me develop them more.

He sees everything of me and more, He knows me intimately

See, you-see-what-you-want-to-see and you may not know everything,

Take the time and see me.

If you want to know me more then ask me—How do you see yourself?

If you really want to see me; then ask my Heavenly Father He will show you, and then come back to me

If you want to know the person who really sees me and sees you– then come and talk to me and I will introduce you to Him.


Crystal Nicole Livingston