Nothing to Hard for the Lord

Nothing too Hard for the Lord

People say that the city of Portland is a hard place to reach people spiritually. Every time I hear that it just makes me cringe. Another thing I hear people say is that people of Oregon is so un-church yes this too makes me cringe. Why does this make me cringe because it seems like a person has accepted defeat before they even begin. While I was in college I took a lot of Human Development Classes in one of my classes we talked about self-felling prophecy, basically if you already determined an outcome, the outcome will come true. When we say these things no matter where you are you have already determined that people are lost and cannot be saved, and you have admitted defeat.

Someone might say well you only been living here for six years, I’ve grown up here so you don’t know what you are talking about. Well yes I do, I have seen the power of God in my life, and places where I have lived. Jesus said in Matthew 18:20 that whenever two or more people are gather together I am in their midst. If the city of Portland or your city has let say over a million believers guess what Jesus is there.  Then God asked two different men in two different situations Abraham and Jeremiah “Is there anything too hard for the Lord”. Is reaching your city for Christ too hard for the Lord? No it is not.

What if every believer in every city in the world would stand up and truly speak the truth of the Lord, instead of letting culture, surroundings, people, politics do the talking for us. If we are so bold for the Lord then no the city will not be hard at all, because we are giving multiple chances for people to hear and receive the gospel of Jesus Christ, once we have shared until the day the person died then we have done our good deed. Let’s say you are like me, if I got shot down multiple times by the same person, I would give up saying they are lost, nothing I can do. See right there, I said nothing I can do, but the Lord can. He says in His word in Phillipans 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. See He gives us strength, because of the strength He is giving we can spread the gospel.

Our methods for sharing the gospel are different for each generation and city. If we can be bold in sharing what a difference it would make in our cities. I was in Costa Rica a couple of months ago, it was great people were so open to the gospel and prayer (well to me because I don’t live there yet, so don’t know if it was hard to reach them or not). There were a couple of people on the team saying I wish we could do that here at home you know just ask a person if we can pray for them, but we can’t it’s too hard. Today as I was on my God date, I had this hankering to go over to Value Village, and I was like okay I can stop at McDonalds and get some lunch. Well I finally made it to the other side of town as I was at the Rose Garden when I decided to go, and I had to go to the bathroom really bad but I knew I had to go over to McDonalds to use the bathroom. I get there finally after an hour, and I see that its code lock so I run to the front if I got to buy something for the bathroom, then run back and there is a line! Before I continue I have to say I asked God on our date who can I share Him with today and I saw a group of ladies nope not them. Back to the story. I’m trying to convince the woman ahead of me that I really had to go, but she replied she was at the Saturday market and didn’t use the bathroom there. Then she went in, suddenly behind me was this woman, and she is crying. I asked her if she was okay and she goes no her dad is sick. Well-being the good Christian girl when I saw the bathroom door open I ran in, but I knew if she wasn’t there I would be spending time finding her. I come out the bathroom, she is still there, I open my arms to her, and she came into my arms, crying her eyes out. Then I asked her something bold, I didn’t ask if she knew Jesus, all I asked was can I pray for you and your father. To my shock and delight she said yes. I immediately began to pray for her and her dad, as I was praying she was calming down. If I had that attitude of this city cannot be reached for Christ, I couldn’t give this woman the greatest comfort of all that of Jesus Christ.

If we children of God began to really be bold in our faith, begin to go out and pray for our city what difference it would make. Jesus said we are to be Salt and Light. Most of us want to be either just salt or just light, we need to be both. We need to stop that attitude of this city is too hard. While there are at least two believers gathering together then the city would never be hard. There will be times that we will be shut down, times that people will not be able to receive the good news, but we do not stop.

This is my challenge to you, if you are living in a Christian bubble, pop it and go out and share Jesus. If you are one of those who are saying that my city is too hard to reach, get on your knees ask forgiveness and asked God to even make you bolder. If your church does outreaches leave attitudes behind and do the outreach. Only with a humble heart, only with a bold heart, only when we accept that Nothing is Too Hard for the Lord can our world be reached with the true message of Jesus Christ.


One thought on “Nothing to Hard for the Lord

  1. Perhaps it’s not that the city/state is standoffish towards missionaries, ministers, and converters. Perhaps, it’s reactive to strangers in general. How do salespeople fair against Oregonians? Bet they have the same issues. Based on what you’ve written, I’d say, approaching people directly may not be the most effective strategy. However, breaking the ice by speaking with people informally (i.e. the bathroom example) may make people feel warmer and safe. Rather than knocking on their door spreading the good Word while their shields are up, you had a casual conversation while their guard was down.

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