Prince Charming

Song of Songs 2:2 Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the maidenss.

One of my favorite fairy tale princess story is Cinderella. I was obsessed with the story of Cinderella I was so many different versions from an Asian tale to a Black tale; I just loved Cinderella. My favorite Cinderella story is a movie with Leslie Carlon and Michael Wilding called the Glass Slipper.

I love it for two reasons one because there is ballet dancing in it, and two because how the Prince (Michael Wilding) pursues Cinderella. Let me set it up for you. In this story Cinderella (Ella) has a bad attitude, is hurting from treatment from other people, and wish to be left alone. After the Prince arrives home people were mean to her so she took off to her hiding place to cry. When she gets there, there is the Prince and his servant (she doesn’t even know that he is the prince), and she acts mean to them even throwing her shoes at him. Wait for it, he is fascinated with her and sends his servant to find out who she is. She comes back to the lake (her hiding place), and there he begins to pursue her bad attitude and all. He invites her to the ball (she still doesn’t have a clue she thinks that he is the son of the cook!), laughs with her, and teaches Ella how to dance (so she could be ready for the ball). When she gets there he tells her the truth (he is the prince and she forgives him), and you know the rest midnight runs out etc. He didn’t have to do a search for the woman with the glass slipper he knew her and went straight to her. He married her and everyone in town and to kneel before her. Ahhhh

As I have been thinking about Prince Charming, I realized that I have a Perfect Prince Charming, his name is Jesus Christ. Like the prince in the story He pursued me with his heart, and accepted me with attitude, hurt, and ugliness. Where others saw ugly or worthiness, He sees beauty. He loves me despite of my failings. I am a lily among thorns at time, yet he still picks me. He is perfect. One thing though if you noticed that in the story the Prince had lied to Ella, which gets me to my next point.

I am still waiting for my earthy Prince Charming, there is a thing I realize that unlike Jesus, he will not be perfect. He will have issues, flaws, and habits that will drive me bonkers, he will not always have the answers because he is human, and he will not always pay attention to my moods or needs. It’s okay because he is human.

Did you read that he is human, and humans we are flawed because of sin!  However one thing I do know what will make him a Prince in my book; will be how he loves God, pursue my heart, see more of my  beauty not flaws (as if I am the most beautiful woman in the world), and he will be the best for me issues and all. I don’t need him to be perfect because I have my perfect Prince Charming his name is Jesus.

Think about it: How is Jesus a Prince Charming in your life?


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