The Heart Matters

Paul writes in Romans 10:9 and Ephesians 2:8 that it is by faith we believe in God. Actually in Romans 10:9 he writes that not only confesses with the mouth but believe in the heart. Wait! Let’s stop again its faith in the heart. When Jesus spoke about faith in Mark he said whoever believes in his heart this will happen…. So why is faith and heart connected?

I believe it’s because the heart does not see its inside us. Whereas our eyes see what is going on and thus doubt sets in and we don’t believe. Yet there is still a part that holds onto what we believe and that is the heart.

Here is another question, we believe that Jesus died on the cross, we confess Him into our lives. Yet we do not see or know for sure, but in our hearts we believe. What about when God reveal something to us we have a hard time believing that it is Him speaking (that’s another issue for another time).

Faith is believing in your heart that what God said, do, or will become. Our eyes deceives us so much and that’s why Jesus and Paul said don’t believe your eyes. I mean look at Paul walking on water! He was doing fine until he saw what He was doing! I wonder if he truly listened to his heart aka Jesus then would he have begun sink.

For the last week I was in Nicoya, Costa Rica. I was out my comfort zone. I am handing out bibles and speaking with people about my faith! My faith that they cannot see with their eyes, I can walk it and talk it but they are not around me! Yet it is through my words that will penetrate their hearts to “see” the unseen through me. I had no clue what they might be going through, I had no clue if my story will relate to their story,  all I know that through faith I had spread the gospel. If I only allowed my eyes to do the talking then the gospel would not be preached. I believe in my heart that the words I am that I had said reached them.

Walk by faith not by sight.


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