Nicoya, Costa Rica

For this last week I was in Nicoya, Costa Rica with my church high school student group. I was nervous because leading up to the trip we was not gelling as a team. The adults complained that they didn’t know what their role was and who was the leader exactly. Both students and adults were nervous because we didn’t know what to expect. This was a foregin land. This was something new, we was not going down to build houses or just work with the kids. No this time we were handing out bibles and sharing the gospel (take a breath here).  This was a new experience for us all.

Yet from day one leaving Portland to go to Nicoya God already started to work. The first amazing thing was that we started to gel as a team! Yes God got us together so quick you couldn’t even blink. It was like a family traveling together. Then as the days passed we grew closer and closer together, even bringing in the staff on the base into our fold. Bringing the staff into our fold was not a surprise because we are really are friendly and open at church so it was natural. We worked side by side together it was great.

Then we saw the Holy Spirit moving not just in our lives but around us as we was handing out a bible to each home in Caimaital, Costa Rica. Each day that we was handing out a bible we had a local with us. One of the locals her name is Ella she is actually the pastor’s wife. I haven’t seen somebody so in tuned to the Holy Spirit in so long. She knew which houses we needed to stay, which ones we needed to leave, and who we needed to pray over. If we didn’t do something she did it! For me it was like my teaching gift was on the express lane! I felt words coming out of me that could be only describe as “did I actually say that!” I learned that I needed to surrender myself to his leading. We plan and plan things in advance there only to then have the Holy Spirit change our course. How often here do we shut down the Holy Spirit because it doesn’t fit into our plans. There I saw the Holy Spirit moving and I pray and hope now at home to continue to follow his leading even when it is not in my plan.

Speaking of the Holy Spirit moving; Diego and Sal Silvia. If they did not follow the Holy Spirit guidance to move from San Jose to Guanacaste aka Nicoya there would not have been a YWAM base. Sal on the first day was saying how she is becoming more of a resource person for Domestic Violence but somewhat a counselor. She was saying that in Costa Rica 8 in 10 women are abused in some way, that even girls and boys are molested at a young age, even more that girls are becoming more sexually active at a young age. That the government is not doing anything about it at this time. Wow but this is how God is working on the solution, He is sending people there to go to fight and pray with these women and children. He already sent Sal and I believe He is sending more. For me it’s funny because in my former job I had access to materials, and then also we somewhat involved in a Christian Ministry that helped deal with the aftermath of Domestic Violence. I pray that one day I get to go back and help in this area.  

God did a lot of amazing things there. I grew closer to Him. I had hope something else special that I was praying for to happen, it didn’t but I have comfort that God is in control in that area.  That’s it isn’t, it’s not about what I want, my plans, it’s about God’s will and His plan. If He sees it at it fits He will change our plans, our mind. We need to be like Mary, “For I am the Lord’s servant do as you will.”

Please pray I want to go back at the end of this year to “visit”. I need to see God opening doors. 


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