Looking for the One

Songs of Solomon 3:2 I will get up now and go about the city, through its streets and squares; I will search for the one my heart loves. So I looked for him but did not find him.

This is part two of the series. Oh how I long to get up and search for the one my heart loves. You know what this woman was smart. You can dream but you need to do something. I’m not saying to go right now and join a dating site, but you just can’t sit on your bed dreaming of the one and do nothing.  There is a right way and there is a wrong way to look. Let’s talk about the wrong way first.

In my last post I talked about Hello Dolly well I’m going to continue.  Irene sings a song called Ribbons down my back. In her song she is basically talking about wearing something provocative to catch a gentleman eyes. Remember she was lonely she did not go out, she did not serve on any committee (well she couldn’t because she was not married but she could of), she was not meeting new people, she worked and dreamed. How often are you tempted to wear something or do something just to catch a man’s eye so you can have a relationship? You hoped that this relationship will turn into something more like marriage. Really you would want a man that sees you as something you are not to be or is doing things with you that maybe you should not be doing? There are other ways to catch his attention.

The right way to catch is eye is to be out there. Don’t be sitting down and say Oh God will bring him to me I will wait and sit on the wall he will notice me. Well okay do that and see what happens. You need to get up join a club, serve in your church be out there where he can notice you. I’m not saying go join a dating site (I believe if you do join a dating site that should truly be God lead), what I am saying that you just can’t dream and do nothing. I’m also not saying to look frumpy; you can be modest and still look good where you can catch his eye. The truth is that men are visual if you wear something provocative that may send a wrong message. If you are looking good he will notice. He will also notice what activities you are doing as well. It’s good to get up and do something.

She looked but did not find him. I know that when we (women) look and asking yourself for every guy that comes yours (my) way is this it God?  I know that I can become discouraged when a guy I(you) have a crush on doesn’t look my (your) way and we stay friends.  Then I wonder will a guy ever look my (your) way. When it does not happen for me I look to God because He’s my comforter, match maker and He knows me. I know that I need to listen to Him when He says wait or no not this guy. This brings me to an interesting point for God to bring us His match we truly need to know Him as He knows us very intimately. We need to listen for His direction, yes I’m talking about using discernment. When we know God so well and He knows you He will guide you to the right relationship, He will say no this is a friend, no you need to run from this guy, oh there he is. If we don’t have that relationship with him, then how can we truly go and look for him. I do mean God will say get up go do this over there or here, this is how you can serve or this how you can play. Yes we do need discernment when looking.

In my next post I will talk about finding the wrong man and then finding the right man.


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