Dreaming of the One

Songs of Solomon 3:1

All night long on my bed I looked for the one my hearts loves I looked for him but did not find him.

How often I have dreamed of finding the right man for me. I dreamed about how we will meet, our first date even how he would propose. Are these feelings wrong? No they are not they are natural. We hear oh we need to wait, it wrong to dream etc. Well it’s not wrong; it becomes a little dangerous when you become consume by these feelings.  What I mean ; is that your “dreaming” leads you to the wrong man, or you become so desperate that you fall for the wrong man, and your “dreaming” replace God because you are consumed.

One of my favorite musicals is Hello Dolly. One of the character’s name is Irene, she is a hat shop owner and she is single. Before the play begins we know that Dolly had introduced Irene to Horace.  Things were becoming serious between Irene and Horace, and Dolly who wanted Horace was going to meddle and stop this. Now I know what you are thinking Dolly meddles and Irene and Horace stays together, well not really. Dolly knows that Irene does not love Horace and Horace does not love Irene but because they are two lonely souls longing to have someone to hold and love they were willing to be together.  How often does our dream of finding the one leads us to someone who is not right for you but you are with that person because you are lonely.

There is nothing wrong with these feelings but we still need to take them to God.  See God is our matchmaker, He knows us so deeply. He knows what we are dreaming, our longings, our desires. He longs to bring His match to us in his time.  As well in His time He may ask daughter I know you are on your bed looking and dreaming of the man, but I need you to stop, see I have someone better in mind for you but your dream is not lining up with what I have in store you. Will you let me be your dream maker?

Will you allow God to bring your match to you? In my next post I will talk about the next two verses of looking and meeting up with the “wrong” guy. In the meantime write out your dream and for the next three days pray over your dream.


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